Legal Definition of Intellectual Property

"According to law, Intellectual Property refers to the product of the human intellect and creations of mind that has commercial value or goodwill. Intellectual Property Law basically provides protection to the creators or inventors unique property, represents ownership and exclusive right to use that property."

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Legal definition of intellectual property

Examples of Intellectual Property:

• Literary and Artistic works
• Names, symbols and designs
• Images and distinctive logos

Types of Intellectual Property:

The main types of intellectual property include copyright, patent, trademark and trade secret. All these main forms of intellectual property vary on the basis of rights they provide, nature of that property and how you will use it. intellectual Property Copyright


Copyright is a legal right that creators have over their artistic and literary works. Only the holder of copyright can reproduce, adapt and distribute the work. To apply for copyright or even its registration is not compulsory because the copyright exist from the moment the wok is created but it is advisable to register it with U.S Copyright Office.

Examples of Copyright:

Copyrightable works include literature, art, music, computer programs, drawings and broadcasts. intellectual Property Patent


Patent allows the patent holder limited time monopoly over his patented innovation. The monopoly is in the form of exclusive right to sell, use, and make his patented innovation. The objective behind granting exclusive rights is to encourage innovation. Once the limited time monopoly expires, the innovation enters the public domain. The innovator must however disclose patented information to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO).

Examples of Patent:

intellectual Property trademark


Almost anything made by man can be patented. A design, symbol, name or word, or any combination thereof, used to distinguish the goods of a manufacturer from another and to indicate the source of the goods, is trademark.

Examples of Trademark:

Symbols, logos, phrases, words, etc.

intellectual Property tradesecrets

Trade Secret:

Trade secret is confidential business information which provides a company or corporation with an edge over its competitors.

Examples of Trade Secret:

Advertising strategies, consumer profiles, distribution methods of a company or corporations, may fall under trade secret.